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Firstly, I want to reassure my clients that your health is my priority at this difficult time.

As the current crisis is set to continue over the coming weeks and months I would like to inform you all of the plan I am putting into place to maintain the highest standards of hygiene to ensure the classes I hold will be as safe as possible.

I will of course, update this plan according to ongoing advice put out by the government and the A.P.D.T. organisation of which I am a member. My initial plan is as follows;

Measures I Will Take Myself

I will:

  • Wash my hands thoroughly before and after each class using soap and water or 60% alcohol content hand sanitizer.

  • Wipe down all door handles and taps with bleach before and after every indoor training class.

  • Open windows for extra ventilation when the weather allows for this.

  • Keep as much distance as possible from clients during outdoor classes and, for indoor classes, ensure each person is placed within a designated area to maintain a minimum of 2m separation.

  • Reduce class size for higher level classes that require more space.

  • Move classes to an online platform if further measures are necessary so that training can still continue.

  • Keep myself up to date with all advice/guidelines and revise safety measures accordingly going forward.

  • Notify clients if I become unwell myself and move classes online for the required self-isolation period.


Measures for Clients

  • Please don’t attend classes for the recommended self-isolation period of 7 days if you or any member of your household develop coronavirus symptoms (check website for updates on self-isolation advice/duration).

  • Also, please bring your own equipment to classes until further notice (dog mats, harnesses, toys, water bowls etc.) as I will be minimizing the use of communal equipment for the foreseeable future.


Indoor Classes

  • Upon arrival please use your own sanitizer or wash your hands inside using the available facilities and then repeat this at the end of class.

  • Move straight to your designated training area which will ensure at least 2 m separation from other class members and remain in this area for the duration of the session.

  • Should you wish to bring someone with you to class please restrict this to only one extra person in order to maximize the space between people and avoid close contact.

For Outdoor Classes

  • Maintain at least a 2m distance between yourself and others during training and before and after class.

Online Training Strategy - to replace missed classes

In the event of clients having to miss class due to coronavirus isolation I will provide free 30 minute online sessions with me instead. These will go over the exercises covered in the missed class so that everyone will still be able to continue training with their dog at home. Please contact me if you are unable to come to class so this can be arranged.
NB: I am afraid online classes will not be available to clients who miss classes for other reasons.


I hope the above contingency plan will ensure that safety can be maintained at a very high level and will provide reassurance to you all.

As a small business, may I thank you in advance for your cooperation, support and understanding in this matter so that I can continue to offer fun, informative and safe classes and ensure the survival of my business and passion.

Many thanks everyone.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit the Department of Health & Social Care website.

This statement is subject to change so please check back regularly for updates.