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Monthly Subscription due 1st of each month enables your dog to;

  • Attend the FREE monthly Bow-Wow meeting.

  • Attend exclusive classes, training walks and events held weekly.

  • Earn Achievement badges and reward to celebrate your dog's newly learnt life skill.

  • Exclusive discount or offer each month.

Only £6 per month, per dog to gain access to free monthly social walk and other exclusive benefits. Membership is per dog and is not transferable, e.g. if 'Spot' is a member then only 'Spot' can attend the Bow-Wow, exclusive events, earn badges and make use of the discounts and offers. All dogs must be fully paid up members in order to make use of the exclusive Rovers benefits.

To discuss joining email; or Facebook message; Amy Millward Dog Training. Dogs must be assessed for suitability to ensure a prodcutive learning environment for all. After your request to join has been approved membership and events can be paid for online. Once membership has been paid you will be able to make use of the exclusive benefits and join the Facebook community; Amy Millward's ROVERS


Monthly subscription to join in the fun and teach your dog skills for life.


Introductory offer, only £6 per month until 2020!

Events & Classes

Exclusive classes, training walks and events for Rovers members in real life environments.



Earn badges and reward to celebrate your dog's achievement and new life skills gained.

Discounts & Offers

Exclusive discounts and offers for members. New discount/offer each month. 

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