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This fun, exciting new activity will leave you proud, satisfied and with a tired dog!

Whose dog doesn’t love a good sniff? Ever wondered if there was a way to put that sniffer to good use and have a tired dog at the same time? If so, then Mantrailing is just what you’ve been looking for!

Mantrailing is essentially teaching your dog to find 'missing people' through following human scent. The sport is open to all breeds and ages as well as all humans, no matter what their ability. No obedience or previous scent training is needed as we will be homing your dogs' natural ability to follow scent trails.

The first step to becoming a Mantrailer team with your dog is to attend the Mantrailing Introduction Course. The course is a three hour intensive course with dogs being works individually, it is £55 per dog and handler team. On completion you will receive a certificate and be able to attend Mantrailing UK sessions all over the UK.

Once a handler has completed the Introduction Course they will then be able to attend Training Sessions from £20 per dog. These are held all over Carmarthenshire and can be booked as and when it suits the handler. Your dog will learn to find missing people using their nose in a variety of environments and scenarios. 


To read my short article further expanding on the sport of Mantrailing click here: Mantrailing by Miss A. L. Millward.

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