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Innovative dog club teaching real life skills in the real world. Think scouts for dogs!


Exclusive members only classes, events and offers. Earn achievement badges to celebrate your dog's success & development. Enroll your dog today!


Monthly subscription to join in the fun and teach your dog skills for life.


Only £6 per month to get access to many benefits.

Events & Classes

Exclusive classes, training walks and events for Rovers members in real life environments.



Earn badges and reward to celebrate your dog's achievement and new life skills gained.

Discounts & Offers

Exclusive discounts and offers for members. New discount/offer each month. 


"On my dinner I promise that I will do my best-

To not run off from my owner, or the trainer.

To not eat delicacy I find on the ground, nor steal from the table.

And to obey the Rover Law."


1. A Rover is to be trusted.

2. A Rover is loyal (Even if I catch a whiff of better treats).

3. A Rover is friendly & comforts their owner in times of need.

4. A rover always shares their hair drool & toys.

5. A Rover always greets their owner on return (even if only absent for a second).

6. A Rover lives in the moment & hopes for a treat.

7. A Rover respects other canines & the rules of play.

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