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Day School

The perfect solution to getting a well trained dog when you have a busy schedule

Day School is a "drop off and collect" training service where your dog will spend the day with Amy, a fully qualified trainer and her balanced pack of 8 dogs. Your dog will learn life skills such as lead walking, recall, impulse control, dog manners, how to settle as well as having time to play and socialise with other dogs.

This service has very limited places to ensure your dog receives 1-1 attention and training. To be eligible for this service dogs must be inoculated, free from parasites and have no history of dog aggression or bites. Prices start from £100 per day, 2/3 days per week are recommended. Owners of dogs in Day School will get access to the online portal (full of training tutorials and guides), updates via WhatsApp and discounted private lessons with their dog. It is recommended to have a private lesson with your dog so that the trainer can show you how to handle your dog after they have been trained.

To apply for your dog to join Day School please email ( or text 07496619269 and request a call back (not all dogs/training challenges will be suitable for Day School).

This new service is currently restricted to Private Lesson and Group Training clients only.

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