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A.M.D.T. Trick Dog Awards

Trick Training Scheme, earn Trick Dog Awards to mark your dog's achievements.

The Trick Dog Awards Scheme founded by Amy Millward allows you and your dog to achieve the following levels;


  1. Beginner

  2. Novice

  3. Intermediate

  4. Advanced

  5. Expert

  6. Master

Any breed, age or sized dog can take in the awards scheme. For each award the dog must be able to perform a set number of tricks listed for that level. The layout of the scheme levels allows you to choose tricks that suit your dogs ability and personality, ensuring they can succeed award happily. The choice element of this scheme allows for elderly or young dogs, dogs of different sizes and disabled dogs to take part at the same level as more able dogs. 

The full Trick Dog Award scheme criteria can be found here: A.M.D.T. TRICK DOG AWARDS PDF 

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