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Which Service Should I Book?

FAQ to help you pick the optimal service type for you and your dog.

I have a Puppy under 6 months

I highly recommended booking them into the Puppy Training & Socialisation Course ASAP as you have a ticking clock when it comes to socialisation.  Getting puppies into training classes early can also prevent major behaviour problems. You can find these courses HERE.

If you are looking to really get ahead on training then book Private Lessons to run along side your puppy course, or book in a home visit for when your puppy arrives.

After completing the Puppy Course you can further your puppy's education in my popular Progressive Course and by attend Group Training Walks.

I have a puppy/dog over 6 months with no previous training

Your dog will need Private Lessons, which can then be followed by my Progressive Group Training Course or get your dog's education started. If you are looking for a fun activity to tire your dog out with no obedience required then check out Mantrailing!

I have a puppy/dog over 6 months with previous training

Depending on your dog's level of training your dog may need Private Lessons before joining my Group Courses/Training Walks. Please contact me to discuss.

I have a dog who is reactive(barks/lunges) towards other dogs

Your dog will need the Reactive Dog Package of Private Lessons, before aiming for group classes such as Training Walks or Courses.

I am looking for a fun activity for my dog & I to take part in

For dogs of all ages I offer an addictive sport called Mantrailing, which is where your dog learns to find people by following their scent, just like Search and Rescue dogs! This activity is suited to dogs and humans of all ages and breeds as well as being an ideal sport for reactive and nervous dogs to build confidence.

For adult dogs (over 12 months for small breeds, 14 months for medium breeds and 18 moths for large and giant breeds) I offer agility classes throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn. For the winter months I offer Hoopers classes which is ideal for building the skills needed for agility. Hoopers is suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds as there are no jumps, weaves or contact equipment.

For those who have Gundog breeds and are looking for a way to channel their ancestry instincts and enrich their canine lives I offer Fun Gundog Courses and host Workshops taught by expert trainers in this field.




If you have any queries please get in touch, I am happy to help you select a service. I do all my own admin so please be patient, I will get back to you ASAP.

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