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Paddock Hire

Client exclusive private hire of the AMDT Paddock


Client Exclusive 


Agility Clients only

Paddock Hire Terms & Conditions, please read in full & sign the declaration before booking;

Amy Millward Dog Training takes no responsibility for loss, injury or accident that occurs to clients, their dog(s), their equipment, their car or accompanying friends and family or for any veterinary bills arising from using paddock or equipment use.


Clients must agree to attend completely at their own risk.


All bookings are subject to availability and Amy Millward Dog Training reserves the right to cancel or amend time slots should it be deemed necessary

  1. Clients are responsible for themselves and their dog(s) at all times and they are liable for any damages caused by their pet whilst using the facility

  2. Clients who disrespect these terms of use will have their bookings revoked and be denied access to the paddock.

  3. A MINIMUM of 24 hours’ notice must be given if clients wish to cancel, move or change a slot time without ‘losing’ their booking credit or payment.

Clients will be required to accept that unless the below conditions are agreed and adhered to, hire will be denied or forfeited.


Clients (and dogs) must remain in their cars, in the car park and not enter until the previous field user has left the site completely. If the person before has not left on time Clients should call 07496619269 immediately and don’t take matters into their own hands.

Clients must not park in a manor to block in any existing vehicles or block a gateway.

Clients may choose to use part or all of the slot, but MUST have left the paddock NO LATER than 60 minutes past the START time of their booking. 

For agility hire visitors MUST return the equipment to its original position before leaving.

Adequate time should be put aside to vacate the paddock.

On leaving the paddock you must lock the gate using the padlock, even if someone is waiting to come in.

Remember: If you arrive late for your timeslot, you must still leave no later than 50 minutes after the scheduled start of your time slot.


Children under 18 are not allowed in the field or on any ground at SA33 5QY (i.e. Bwlchgwynt Farm) without adult supervision

The paddock is to be used for personal, recreational and private use only.

Only clients of Amy Millward Dog Training are permitted to use the paddock.

Professional dog walkers and commercial businesses are not permitted.

It is not permitted to roam the grounds go Bwlchgwynt Farm at any time, with exception of the public footpath.

Clients are reminded that the land owner lives at the address at to treat the farm with respect and keep noise to a minimum.

Clients also need to be aware that there are dogs who live at the address and may be roaming freely. There is also a public footpath that runs along side the paddock so to be aware and respectful of the general public.

All personal possessions and rubbish must be removed from site and disposed of at the client's home. No barbecues, naked flames or the dropping of cigarette butts.

Please be mindful that it is a working farm where large machinery may be in use and livestock will be in the surrounding fields.

Dogs must not be allowed to dig in the paddock or urinate on equipment.


Dogs must be accompanied by their owner who is a responsible handler at all times. Dogs must remain on a lead until the paddock gate is secured and must not leave the field unaccompanied.

Dogs who are persistently noisy, destructive (e.g. digs holes or damages field fixtures or fittings), unruly or not able to be sufficiently controlled by their handler will be asked to be put on a lead or leave. 

A MAXIMUM OF 4 DOGS belonging to the client(s) who is using the field is allowed at any one time. Dogs must be in good health, fully vaccinated or Titre tested or otherwise immunised, and up to date with worming, flea and tick treatments/preventives

It is recommended that dog owners hold pet public liability (usually included as part of Household Insurance, but clients are responsible for confirming this).

Clients must comply by all rules governing the control of dogs, and IED (Index of Exempted Dogs)

Dog handlers MUST clean up after their dog(s) and failure to do so will result in access being denied for subsequent visit.

Dogs must be kept in vehicles until the paddock is available and removed from the vehicle on lead. There may be loose resident farm dogs and cats near the field that need to be protected.

Clients are responsible for cleaning up after their dog(s) and taking home all rubbish. All pooh must be picked up.

No toys are provided. Clients should bring their own. In the event of a toy being thrown into the adjacent field it must be retrieved after the dog is secured in the vehicle as there must be no chance of dogs getting loose with livestock. Clients may enter by way of the gate (please don’t try and climb over the wire fence), but should leave the area as soon as possible. Any livestock in the field must not be approached or fed.


Clients are responsible for:

Their own safety (and that of their dog’s) and agree to use the fields at their own risk. 

Inspecting the field during before they let their dog off lead to ensure that it is suitable for use by them and their dog/s– i.e. fence height, pollen levels, proximity to traffic, noise, other animals etc. 

Satisfying themselves that they are happy to let their dog(s) off the lead at each visit.

Ensuring that any equipment used is suitable for them, their family or their dog(s), paying particular attention to the dog(s) height and age limitations.


This is a small paddock with 4ft boundary stock fencing topped with two strands of wire. There are animals, people, farm machinery and vehicles in adjacent fields and car park. The field is suitable for most dogs, but NOT those who are on a mission to jump fences or escape; negatively react to other grazing animals or humans in sight (i.e. bark excessively or have a high prey drive); who have poor recall or who are stressed by farm machinery

There are also the usual hazards of the countryside including rabbits, badger, fox and rabbit droppings, uneven ground, pollen and seeds and possibly dropped prey from birds of prey.

Agility Equipment & Paddock Hire Declaration 

Thanks for submitting!

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