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Handling & Checking Teeth

Teach your dog to accept handling in preparation for health checks and grooming.

Being able to handle and touch your dog all over is an essential part of dog ownership and training. Routine handling should include checking for any lumps or bumps, knots in the hair, unwanted hitchhikers and anything else out of the ordinary. By handling your dog daily you will learn what is normal for them; for example if your dog is normally fine with you touching their ears and all of a sudden they pull away, that could be a sign that your dog has an ear infection. 

Once your dog is fully used to you handling them, have other capable people in your household go over the same process shown in the video. The more good experiences your dog has with being handled by people the better and more prepared for life they will be.

Having a dog that can calmly be handled will be a big help to your vet and groomer as well as making the process of a veterinary examination or groom as lot less stressful to your dog. You will also find a well handled dog pays off in scenarios such as pulling out a thorn from their pad while on a walk, drying them off after a walk or administering medicine.

Another essential part of routine handling is examining your dog's mouth and teeth. Having a dog that can happily have their mouth opened and teeth looked at makes health care much easier, enabling you to keep their teeth clean, administer tablets and check oral health.

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