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Loose Lead Walking

Teach your dog to walk polietly on the lead without pulling.

Dogs pulling on lead is probably the most common issue I deal with as a professional dog trainer. Once the habit starts it can be a long and difficult road to get the problem fixed. So my best advice is to start early and prevent it!


Every time your dog puts pressure on the lead and you walk in that direction, they are learning that they can get where they want by pulling us! It isn't obvious that this is happening when they are small puppies, but it becomes a problem once they grow and gain strength. Mastering loose lead walking is actually a very simple concept; if your dog pulls on lead stop immediately as soon as they are concentrating and back at your side you can continue walking. However, in real life it can be quite a challenge as you compete with all the temptations they world has to offer to curious dogs.


By practicing the loose lead walking game OFF LEAD (where safe) as shown in this video lesson, you can train your dog to walk at your side without the added complications of getting tangled in a lead and having to stop every time they go ahead of you.

Lili Chin Walking Tips 1
Lili Chin Lead 2
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